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Roma educational centre Presov - About us

Roma educational centre Presov

ROCEPO - Roma educational centre Presov
- is an integral part of the Methodological-Pedagogical Centre in Presov
- established on the basis of the letter of the General Director of the Section for International Cooperation and European Integration, the PHARE Section Director of the Ministry of Education Nr. 499/2001 – 82 of 4 December 2001
- it covers the entire territory of the Slovak Republic

The aim of ROCEPO

The aim of ROCEPO is to respect the needs and conditions of the Roma minority with an emphasis on effective education, information, documentation and advisory services, especially for the teachers at schools with a high concentration of Roma children and pupils.


Educational activities
- implementation of educational projects of pedagogical and non-pedagogical employees of schools and school establishments with a high concetration of Roma pupils
- creation of methodological materials for pedagogical employees to improve the educational activities taking the specific features of the Roma minority into acount
- organisation of seminars of the concerned institutions and organisations that take part directly or indirectly on the educational process of the Roma minortity
- implementation of the applied pedagogical research

Information activities
- providing, processing and distribution of information on educational activities of the governmental and non-governmental organisations for the teachers, educational employees (parents?)
- making accessible the web site for pedagogical and non-pedagogical public to present the ROCEPO activities
- publishing of bilingual specialized-methodological materials on the ROCEPO activities for the needs of the pedagogical employees (or for the Roma community and its education)
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Documentation activities
- gathering, sorting and archiving of the printed and virtul information on the educational activities of all subjects executing activities in the area of the Roma minority
- creation of the database containing the effective methods of education and teaching of the Roma children and pupils
- concentration of the results of both the national and international projects providing the assistance to the Roma minority in its education
- establishment of the documentation work place designed for the archivation of the results of the pedagogical creativity of the teachers and the creativity of the Roma pupils

Advisory activities
- provision of the psychologic-pedagogical-medical advisory services focused on the specific problems of the Roma commmunity and other education of the teachers working in the areas with a high concentration of the Roma population
- in concern of the achievement of the above mentioned objectives to build-up an effective cooperation with institutions that concentrate on the education of the Roma population


Roma centre Presov
Tarasa Sevcenka street 11
080 20 Presov
tel: +421 51 7723451
fax: +421 51 7725110
web: www.rocepo.sk
e-mail: rocepo@rocepo.sk

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Mgr. Maria Olsavska
e-mail: olsavska@rocepo.sk

Ing. Jaroslav Buchta
web sites
e-mail: buchta@rocepo.sk

PaeDr. Viera Ondercova, PhD.
e-mail: ondercova@rocepo.sk

Ing. Anton Seman
web sites
e-mail: seman@rocepo.sk

PaedDr. Ingrid Zubkova
e-mail: zubkova@rocepo.sk

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